Sheets extrusion line

Sheets extrusion line-fastosi


All of our sheet lines are designed for the extrusion of sheets and can be fitted for the addition of press units for the quick-change of the production format.

They are also equipped with an aligned stabilization oven which is necessary for the automatic cut of extrused products.

Depending on the chosen die, it is possible to extrude sheets having thickness ranging from 6 mm to 150 mm seamlessly, accumulating the various frames.

In addition to the standard lines mentioned below, it is also possible to create the plant by assembling the different types of extruders, pullers and by adding optional accessories such as saws, stackers etc … at the client’s discretion up to a thickness of 300 mm.

S50 B03-20/2/04 335 110 50
S50 B06-20/3/04 635 110 50
S63 C10-20/2/08 1035 210 63
S63 B12-20/3/04 1275 110 63
S75 C12-20/1/06 1275 160 75

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All of our rod lines are designed for the extrusion of rods and of perforated rods with variable diameter depending on the affixed die, with a yielding of 40/50 kg per hour.


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