Quadruple Extrusion head for hollow bars

Dear Sirs, Fastosi S.r.l. , within its continuing commitment to quality improvement in both products and range of services offered to its Customers, is blazing a new company growth path by means of strongly innovating designs and realizations. Fastosi has always been driven by a compelling inclination to state-of-the-art technology and by its just as strong wish to meet its Customers’ needs by carefully listening and by elaborating solutions that can make the difference in a productive environment. Sensibility and competence, together with the most advanced production technologies, guarantee excellent results from any point of view. Having particular regard to market requirements, which are evolving more and more quickly, we are enlarging our production lines and extending our product range by means of designs that make plastics extrusion faster and more productive. In this connection we would like to call your attention to one of our latest realizations: Quadruple Extrusion head for hollow bars, equipped with internal/external calibrators, which can be easily changed in function of the diameter to be produced. Its design aims to make for easier and more flexible production management in the engineering plastics sector. Professionality , quality and cutting-edge technology are our visit card Please feel free to contact us, visit our website : We shall be pleased to welcome you at:



Fastosi Construction has been active for over 20 years a manufacturer of complete extrusion lines. We are pleased to announce the first High Performance Materials (HPM) extrusion lines installation in the USA, Philadelphia. Designed and built specifically for the extrusion of high-performance polymers. Our lines HPM result in a extruded product of an Excellent quality, probably best quality on the today's market. The equipment is as well extremely Cost-Effective. Lowest Cost Extrusion Process available. Through various measures , studied in collaboration with our customers, we built Extrusion lines with outstanding Output-Capacity (exceeding 20 Kg/h, and higher depending on Material type, Dimension, and Extrusion line Type chosen), while minimizing production scrap, and not to forget Set-Up times (changing dimensions). The HPM lines go so to support the wide range of our plants . We have a solution for every need , but if you feel that among our products there is not one that resolves your problem (s) , with your collaboration , we'll create it. In addition to our Multiple Rod Lines, extrusion Outputs of up to 35 Kg/h and maximum diameter of 8 inches (210 mm), we also design & construct lines for the plate/slab 620 mm wide and/or 1250 mm wide. We are planning as well planning an extrusion line for plate/slab with a width of 1570 mm.

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